FERPA: Form Information for Parents

General Information

All students have the right to protect their information. The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, or FERPA, is the United States federal law that protects the privacy of student records. Under FERPA, privacy rights transfer from the parents to the student once they turn 18 years old or enter a postsecondary institution at any age. Students enrolled in any courses offered by KSU, at any location or through any method of delivery (i.e., campus/on-site, hybrid, partially online and fully online) are covered by FERPA. KSU considers an admitted student to be in attendance upon enrollment/registration for classes, regardless of age.


  • Have a conversation with your student about how best to support their educational progress, which may include granting access of their education records with you or anyone else.
  • The student controls access. The student can grant consent and assign access to specific pieces of information to anyone they choose.
  • The student can change access for his/her parent or third-party, and can also choose to stop access to his/her information at any time in Owl Express.


  • The FERPA law prevents the University from releasing "personally identifiable student education records" to unauthorized individuals or organizations without the student's consent or other legal exception.
  • Due to the FERPA law, university faculty and staff are NOT permitted to discuss any non-directory information (grades, academic performance or standing) without the student’s permission or other legal exception.
  • In addition, they may choose not to discuss student specific information, even if the student grants permission. This is not a violation of FERPA.


  • Individuals, who have been authorized by the student, have the opportunity to discuss a student's education records.
  • Requests for access to education records should be made directly to the student.

Discussing Your Student's Education and/or Billing Information

When your student grants access through Owl Express, they assign a specific 4-digit numeric PIN to each individual. It is important for your student to provide you the PIN number they have assigned to you.