FERPA: Form Information for Students

Student Choices

As a student, you may grant access to a specified parent and/or third party using the Student Consent to Disclosure Form located securely within Owl Express.

Determine If.

  • You determine if you want to grant access to your education and/or billing records.
  • You should not feel pressured to grant access to anyone.
  • If you decide to grant access, the individual will only be able to discuss your records, they cannot update your records.

Decide Whom.

  • You decide whom may view your information, and what pieces of information each person may view.
  • You decide what each person can view by creating a separate and unique unique, 4-digit numeric PIN (Personal Identification Number) login per person.
  • You can update, change, or remove access at any time.

Dictate What.

  • You dictate, per person, what record types can be discussed.
  • Options include student account information, class registration status, student class schedule, holds, final grades, transcripts, and/or billing information. 

Accessing the Form

Only currently active students can access the Student Consent to Disclosure Form in Owl Express. If you no longer have access to Owl Express, please contact the Office of the Registrar for assistance using the Student Consent for Disclosure-One Time Authorization form.

Below are the instructions on how to access the form and select the information you allow that person to access.

  1. Log in to Owl Express
  2. Click the Student Records tab
  3. Click the Student Consent to Disclosure (FERPA RELEASE) link
  4. Click the Click Here to Grant Access button in the dashboard.
  5. Select the phone number where you can be contacted. This number can be used if faculty/staff need to contact you concerning this release.
  6. In the Authorized Third Party section, enter the name, phone number, and relationship of whom you want to grant access.
  7. Create a unique, 4-digit numeric PIN (Personal Identification Number)* for the person you are granting access.
  8. In the Access Granted section, indicate in the checkbox which types of information can be released.
  9. Read the authorization section and click submit.
  • Note: This authorization will remain in effect until it is revoked by you. To revoke the FERPA authorization, you must remove the access by selecting the Delete button in the Action Column of the dashboard.

Step-by-step instructions

Creating a PIN

  • In addition to providing information about your authorized third party, you must create a unique PIN for each person.

* Be sure to tell this PIN to the authorized third party! The PIN helps confirm the identity of the person. After confirming the PIN, university staff will also check the specific information to which you have given access for that specific person.

Changing Permissions

  • Adding: Students may add new authorized third-party individuals at any time in Owl Express.
  • Updating: Students may update or change which information their authorized third party has access to at any time in Owl Express.
  • Deleting: Students may delete their authorized third party to at any time in Owl Express. Only the Office of the Registrar has access to see when access was added and deleted.
  • University staff cannot add or change third-party access.

KSU’s Right to Review and Respond

While the Student Consent to Disclosure Form authorizes KSU to release education records to third parties, it does not obligate KSU to do so. KSU reserves the right to review and respond to requests for release of education records on a case-by-case basis. Even with consent, the rights of parents/third parties is limited only to access designated education records but does not act as a Power of Attorney or proxy for any parent or third party (including attorneys) to act on behalf of the student. For additional information, visit KSU’s FERPA Information page or the U.S. Department of Education’s website.